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Android App Development                                                            iOS App Development

Android Apps & iOS Development Training

Palium is offering Mobile Apps Development classroom training in Kolkata at very affordable price. Training course covers both Android and iOS and are also separately available. The details are -

Android Apps development course

Duration: 60 hours plus project

Course Outline:

1.     JAVA Concepts

2.     Introduction to Android

3.     Android Installation and Eclipse

4.     Android Framework Overview

5.     Android Main Building Blocks

6.     Basic Android UI Design

7.     Adding Interactivity: Handling UI Events

8.     Communicating Between Activities
(Understanding Intents and Intent Filters)

9.     Using Menus in Android

10.   Adding Dialogs

11.   Adapters and Widgets

12.   Exploring ActionBar

13.   Displaying Pictures and Menus with Views

14.   Graphics Resources in Android

15.   Multimedia Programming using Android

16.   Data Persistence with Android Phones

17.   Sharing data with Android - Content Providers

18.   Working in Background – The Services

19.   Notifications

20.   Database - SQLite

21.   Messaging and networking

22.   Maps, Geocoding, and Location-Based Services

23.   How to develop your own custom made Web browser

24.   Accessing Android Hardware

25.   Using the Android emulator

26.   Testing and Debugging Android Application

27.   Installation of .apk

28.   Publishing Android Application

29.   Hands-on sessions in live application development – testing/debugging and online hosting in Google Play (Selective Projects).

iOS Developer Training

Duration: 60 hours plus project

Course Outline:

Course Outline:




o iPhone and iPad Device

o iOS Architecture and SDK Frameworks



o Tour of the IDE

o Templates, Projects, and Workspaces

o Creating a New Project

o Debug


Objective-C for Experienced Programmers

o Classes, Objects, and Methods

o Declared Properties

o Memory Management

o Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)

o Formal and Informal Protocols

o Blocks


Application Patterns and Architecture

o Model View Controller (MVC)

o IBOutlets and IBActions

o Subclassing and Delegation


Views and Windows

o The View Hierarchy

o Containers

o Controls

o Text and Web Views

o Alert Views and Action Sheets

o View Autosizing

o Autolayout



o Adding Scenes

o Segues

o Transitions


Table Views

o Static and Dynamic Table Views

o Delegates and DataSources

o Custom Cells


Navigation Based Applications

o Adding the Root View Controller

o Creating the Navigation Controller

o Controlling the Stack Navigation Programmatically


UIPickerView and UIDatePicker

o Designing the UI

o Coding for the Data Picker


Working with Data

o SQLite Integration

o Using SQLite Directly

o Overview of Core Data

o Retrieving and Modifying Data


Multitouch, Taps, and Gestures

o The Responder Chain

o Touch Notification Methods

o Enabling Multitouch on the View

o Gesture Recognizers



o Local Notifications

o Push Notifications


Core Location Framework

o Location Accuracy

o Obtaining Location Information

o MapKit Framework and MKMapView



o Reachability

o Synchronous Downloads

o Asynchronous Downloads

o Sending HTTP GET and POST Requests

o Parsing JSON

o Parsing XML


Targeting Multiple Devices

o iPhone vs. iPad

o Universal Apps

o Multiple SDK Support

o Detecting Device Capabilities



o Resources

o Language and Region

o NSLocale

o Text

o Dates

o Numbers


Performance and Power Optimization

o Measuring Performance

o Memory Usage, and Leaks